Shareflex makes it easy to configure business applications based on SharePoint and Office 365
Shareflex Platform by Portal Systems
Building business application for SharePoint and Office 365 with Shareflex Platform by Portal Systems

The Business Application Platform for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365

The Shareflex|platform provides you with tailor-made digital business applications — easy to configure, without programming.

Flexible, user-friendly and secure.

Shareflex turns SharePoint into a platform for business applications

The Shareflex Business Application Platform allows business applications to be configured and customized to fit your needs. In addition, Portal Systems provides preconfigured solutions based on Shareflex for various business processes.

The Shareflex|platform supports companies in significantly reducing the complexity of Microsoft SharePoint. It enables highly functional, integrated and user-friendly business applications to be deployed quickly and easily on the basis of standard products. And all this without any programming (no code)!

Business applications from one source

All business applications provided on the Shareflex|platform are based on the same core components (see diagram below). For instance, Shareflex has built-in capabilities for creating user-friendly interfaces and permissions design. The Business Application Platform also enables the automation of background processes, workflow control and automatic deployment of business applications.

All applications and solutions also have an identical “look & feel”. This means that they can be introduced in the respective departments without major training effort. Technically, Shareflex is based 100% on the Microsoft SharePoint standard. Both in SharePoint On-Premises and in Office 365 / SharePoint Online environments.

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Make up your own mind

You can find all important information about the Shareflex|platform and its features in our product guide.

Or just contact us and we’ll answer your questions in a personal conversation!

Understand processes. Find solutions.

The Shareflex|platform and the solutions based on it are currently used by more than 150 companies from a variety of industries – from medium-sized companies to large listed corporations. You would like to optimise your processes as well? Please contact us, we are looking forward to your questions!

The following companies already use Shareflex|platform:

  • Brose
  • thyssenkrupp
  • Motor Presse
  • Schott
  • InfraServ Knapsack
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Shareflex – The key components


  • Wizard and form designer
  • Convenient metadata search
  • File view

Information about form creation and form design with Shareflex


  • Background processes
  • Simple configuration
  • No ASP.NET programming

Information about background processes in Shareflex


  • Installation, transport and updates during ongoing SharePoint operation
  • Solution deployment with a single click

Information about installation, transport and updates of Shareflex and applications based on it


  • Permission editor
  • Assignment of user and role concepts
  • Metadata-dependent permissions

Information on permission management with Shareflex


  • Workflow editor
  • Create, configure and automate
  • No separate workflow engine necessary

Information on managing workflows with Shareflex


  • Notifications
  • Deadline recording
  • Key date calculation

Information about configuring notifications with Shareflex

Shareflex key components, standard solutions and add-ons

Overview of Shareflex key components, standard solutions and add-ons

User interface examples