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Portal Systems AG | Support and Services

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Support | Ticket System

In our Self-Service Portal you can create and edit new tickets and actively track their status.

Simply register or log in directly to the portal with your access data and describe your request to us. This way we can offer you the best possible service and a high degree of transparency.

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Email Request

Would you prefer to solve a problem quickly by email? If so, you can contact our Success Team at support@portalsystems.de.

Please note: The more precisely you describe your problem to us, the shorter our response time and the faster you will receive an answer to your questions.

Laptop with preview of the Portal Systems Documentation System

Documentation System

Here you will find the technical documentation and interesting facts about our Shareflex solutions as well as further information such as service descriptions and contract annexes.

Prior registration is required to access the Portal Systems documentation system.

Friendly employee answering a call at the Portal Systems Support Hotline

Portal Systems Support Hotline

Do you need telephone support? You can reach out to our support team from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 17.00 CET (with the exception of public holidays in Hamburg/Potsdam).

Just call the following phone number:

Shareflex Support +49 331 60 15 74 – 15