• The Lialis logo in front of drawn lotus flowers.
  • The Lialis logo in front of drawn lotus flowers.

Lialis – The Pioneer of Lotus Notes Application Migration Solutions

Lialis B.V. is a specialised IT services and development company. Our key focus nowadays is to help companies all over the globe migrate legacy Business Applications to the Microsoft 365 and Azure platform. This includes (re)designing and developing complex SharePoint Applications.

Thanks to our technical DNA, deep domain knowledge and no-nonsense attitude we have a very successful project track record for over 20 years. And although Dutch-based, Lialis has an international focus with clients all over the world and across industries.

For more information about Lialis, our solutions and sample customers please have a look at: www.notesapplicationmigration.com.

Lotus Notes migration meets Shareflex

How our relationship with Portal Systems started? In our search for a viable alternative to replace complex IBM Notes applications, often built and enriched by our clients over the past 30 years, we discovered the Shareflex Business Application Platform.

Shareflex not only allows us to replace complex Notes functionality in SharePoint, but also offers our clients off-the-shelve SharePoint applications to support key business processes. These include contract management, audits, HR and many more.

Shareflex as a true alternative for IBM Notes and Domino applications

A great advantage of using Shareflex is that it integrates seamlessly with the latest Microsoft Collaboration tools (SharePoint, Teams, Azure, PowerAutomate) and technology (Azure/AD, etc). So no disinvestments and quick adoption for end users.

The proof of the pudding was a replacement of 10 complex Notes Business Applications with Shareflex in a relative short period of time. This showed us the power of Shareflex.

We have written a specific page on how to replace Notes functionality with Shareflex. Also please have a look at our main website. Here you will find more background on our Shareflex solutions and development as well as support offerings.

Man with laptop and checklist for Lotus Notes Migration.

Checklist: 10 steps to a succesful Lotus Notes Migration

Here you will find all the important steps for a successful decommissioning of your Lotus Notes and Domino environment in a brief and clear summary. Learn how to keep track of your migration project and save time and money!


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