• Participant in a software training as offered as part of the Shareflex training courses.
  • A content and smiling participant of a software training, as offered as part of the Shareflex training courses by Portal Systems

Shareflex training courses for customers and partners at a glance

There is an extensive range of training courses for customers and partners of Portal Systems AG covering Shareflex, our solutions for SharePoint (Online) and Microsoft 365. The trainings take place at the Potsdam and Hamburg locations, depending on demand. Alternatively, all events are also offered as individual online webinars, whereby the topics are covered in two or more four-hour blocks with a maximum of 3 participants.

All practical examples during the training sessions are worked on in a SharePoint Online training website collection with administrative access provided by the participants. If access to a dedicated training system is not possible, the Shareflex training environment can be used as an alternative.

Target groups

The Shareflex Solutions qualifications are each aimed at a specific target group with individual previous knowledge and experience in the use of SharePoint. In the following, these target groups are divided into training levels and the level of detail of the Shareflex module adaptation is described in more detail.

Shareflex training courses for customers

➀ Level 100 = User

➁ Level 200 = Application Manager

➂ Level 300 = Administrator


Users access the system almost daily. This involves accessing a large number of functions of the system or several applications that are needed in day-to-day business. Users need special functions that make efficient work possible. Through regular work with the system, they have a deep understanding of its functional scope and the individual applications.

Application Manager

As a rule, the application administrators frequently access a specific application, whereby their access is not limited to reading and researching. These users know the specialised application very well through regular use and know how the technical requirements of the past were technically realised or fulfilled.

The business application administrators take on the role of an application-oriented “key user”, i.e. a technical contact person for the general users and the special users, in order to channel requirements and suggestions for improvement in the life cycle of a specific business application. Thus, they also have the role of a decision-maker who decides on the realisation of professional requirements as well as their prioritisation and communication.


The administrators usually do not access the system at all or only for administrative purposes. They themselves have no or only very superficial knowledge of the functions that were realised on the basis of technical requirements. On the other hand, they have a profound technical understanding and are available in case of technical problems or for the implementation of simple extensions.

The administrators know SharePoint as a technology platform and its possibilities very well. Accordingly, they are already very familiar with the basic terms and the handling of this platform. Furthermore, each administrator is able to independently implement extensions that comply with the SharePoint standards.

Shareflex training courses for partners

➀ Level 100 = Sales

➁ Level 200 = Presales

➂ Level 300 = Professional Service

➃ Level 400 = Professional Service Advanced


  • Sales experience regarding SharePoint Online or ECM / DMS
  • Approx. one year of experience with SharePoint Online
  • Editing forms in the Wizard and Designer (Shareflex Forms)
  • Execution of pre-configured scripts (Shareflex Provisioning)
  • Defining and configuring background processes based on a status machine (Shareflex Flow)
  • Definition and configuration of permissions (Shareflex Permissions) and notifications (Shareflex Notifications)


  • Sales experience regarding SharePoint Online or ECM / DMS
  • Editing forms in the Wizard and Designer (Shareflex Forms)
  • Execution of pre-configured scripts (Shareflex Provisioning)
  • Executing background processes based on a status machine (Shareflex Flow)
  • Execution of predefined permissions (Shareflex Permissions)
  • Execution of predefined notifications (Shareflex Notifications)

Professional Service

  • SharePoint project experience > 2 years
  • Experience with SharePoint Online > 1 year
  • Shareflex Forms: Editing the forms with React (JavaScript)
  • Editing XML based on the SharePoint object model (Shareflex Rules and Shareflex Provisioning)
  • Configuring background processes on the basis of a status machine with SVG integration and own functions (Shareflex Flow)
  • Defining and configuring permissions (Shareflex Permissions) and notifications (Shareflex Notifications)

Professional Service Advanced

  • Project experience with SharePoint Online > 2 years
  • Project experience with Shareflex Online > 1 year

An overview of the training courses on offer

Below you will find an excerpt from our Shareflex training catalogue. Since the contents and the programme should meet the individual requirements of the participants as far as possible and also have to be regularly adapted to the current state of the art, the information below is primarily intended as a guide. We will be happy to discuss all further details with you in a personal meeting.

Individual appointments for online training or (if possible) on-site training can be arranged with our Success Team at any time. To do so, simply send an email to: support@portalsystems.de. Johannes Iwer and his team will also be happy to answer any other questions you may have about our training programme!

Shareflex® Platform

(Level 300)

During the three days of training, the focus is on getting familiar with the configuration of the Shareflex modules. In addition to a “Hello World!” example as an introduction, the participants also learn technical details about the configuration of the Shareflex components.


  • Shareflex Platform — Hello World!
  • Forms — Shareflex Forms
  • Rules — Shareflex Rules
  • Permissions — Shareflex Permissions
  • Workflows — Shareflex Flow
  • Provisioning — Shareflex Provisioning

Shareflex® Online

(Level 300 und 400)

In this half-day webinar, you will learn the theoretical basics of how Shareflex works. We will also highlight the special features and differences between the on-premises and online versions.


  • Shareflex system architecture
  • Shareflex Azure App
  • Characteristics of provisioning
  • Forms based on ModernUI
  • Background actions
  • Shareflex Flow and Shareflex Permissions in SharePoint Online

Shareflex® Online

(Level 300 and 400)

This one-day training provides technical details on how Shareflex works. In addition, we will go into the changes to the previous procedure during the project adaptations.


  • Background actions in the user interface
  • Shareflex Forms
  • Workflows with Shareflex Flow
  • Permissions in the Cloud with Shareflex Permissions
  • Best Practice “Information Architecture”

Your contact for the Shareflex training courses:

Johannes Iwer
Head of Shareflex Success Team
Phone +49 40 226040 00

Johannes Iwer is responsible for shareflex training courses at Portal Systems