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The integrated add-ons add important and necessary components to Shareflex. Being the responsible product manufacturer, we will of course ensure the proper integration of all add-ons.

Outlook integration

Business applications created with Shareflex integrate easily into Outlook via the user-friendly sidebar Shareflex|outlook. All business objects and their contents can be searched and displayed directly in Outlook. You can easily assign emails and their attachments as well as documents from the file server to the respective business object by “drag & drop” via Outlook. It is also possible to forward files and documents directly via Shareflex|outlook by email. This way, the business application users always remain in their familiar working environment.

Outlook integration

Shareflex|outlook powered by yourMail

Audit-proof archiving

Shareflex|archive powered by tecmasters

Audit-proof archiving

The Shareflex|archive add-on extends SharePoint-based business applications by adding audit-proof archiving of documents of all types. At the same time, SharePoint documents can be archived manually or according to freely definable rules. Archiving typically takes place on storage systems such as NetApp, EMC, Fast LTA, or Hitachi systems. Likewise, Microsoft Azure Storage or existing RAID systems can be connected via Grau Data’s FileLock technology. KPMG has reviewed the audit-proof storage of the documents on the storage systems and documented this in a certificate. All archived documents can be displayed directly in the Shareflex applications within SharePoint and can be integrated into any processes and workflows at any time. If you want to store the outgoing documents of your ERP systems audit-proof, we offer you interfaces for MS Dyn NAV, AX, CRM and Dyn 365 as well as for SAP, which are prefabricated and certified by the ERP manufacturers.

You already have an ECM, DMS or archive system in use?

No problem. We also integrate Shareflex|archive directly into your existing archive system, such as Saperion, easy or d.3ecm.

ERP integrations / Master data comparison

The Shareflex|platform, the integrated Shareflex|add-ons and the Shareflex|solutions integrate perfectly into SharePoint 2013 and 2016 or your Office 365 / SharePoint Online environment. The master and transaction data required for the business applications can be easily and securely synchronised with your ERP, financial accounting or merchandise management systems. For this Shareflex offers standardized and flexible integration possibilities.

If you want to store the incoming and outgoing documents of your ERP systems audit-proof, we offer you pre-configured interfaces for MS Dynamics NAV, AX, CRM and Dynamics 365 as well as for SAP / archivelink, certified by the ERP manufacturers (see also “audit-proof archiving”).

ERP integrations

Automatic PDF generation

Shareflex|docgen powered by dox42

Automatic document generation

Using the Shareflex|docgen add-on, documents can be generated automatically from templates. In addition to simple texts, dynamic tables and diagrams as well as images and bar codes can be created on the basis of conditions and calculations. The document content to be created can be directly imported from the metadata of the business application, from stored text modules or from data stored in third-party systems. And in addition to interfaces to common ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dyn AX, NAV, CRM and Dyn 365, we also offer you the option to integrate any external databases. The definition is very convenient, for example directly from Microsoft Word.


The Shareflex|reports add-on enables you to evaluate all lists and document libraries created in SharePoint and display them in diagrams or lists. A graphical tool allows you to adapt reports to your individual needs at any time. New reports and evaluations can also be added to the system. And you can export your reports to Excel at the touch of a button. All according to your wishes, just as your business demands!


Shareflex|reports powered by Lightning Tools