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Shareflex® Classic Solutions

Business Applications based on SharePoint 2016 and 2019

Shareflex is a platform that lets you configure and customize business applications. Portal Systems and its solution partners also provide pre-configured solutions based on Shareflex for various specialized processes. The Shareflex Classic product suite includes all business applications based on Microsoft SharePoint 2016 and 2019, which means they are hosted on-premises. Our cloud-based solutions for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online are part of the Shareflex Online product suite.

Shareflex® turns SharePoint into a platform for business applications

The Shareflex Platform allows the creation of digital enterprise solutions without coding knowledge. It expands SharePoint sensibly and thus turns it into a platform for holistic business applications.

Our Business Application Platform already offers integrated functions for the creation of user-friendly interfaces, the automation of background processes, workflow control, the authorization system and the automatic deployment of the ready-made applications.

Shareflex also stands for maximum stability and security. This is one of the reasons why more than 300 customers from medium-sized businesses and industry already rely on Shareflex as a platform for their business applications.

Digital Business Applications: Online, on-premises or hybrid

The Shareflex Platform and the preconfigured solutions are available to our customers either for SharePoint 2016 and 2019, for Microsoft Office 365 / SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Content Services or for a hybrid environment.

Just like Microsoft, Portal Systems follows the “Cloud first, mobile first” principle. In other words, new Shareflex functionalities are always made available in the Microsoft Office 365 product version first.

What advantages do Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Shareflex® offer your company?

Companies and organizations use Microsoft SharePoint for various scenarios: Very often, the first step is to set up an intranet to provide a central location for information delivery and distribution — with phone directories, news and announcements, business units, and employee profiles.

This is often followed by extending use to the project-related document repository to encourage team collaboration. Even simple form-based processes, such as vacation or travel requests, are often controlled via SharePoint. Equally widespread is the creation of wikis that enable a large number of intranet users to access information and knowledge.

Ways out of the complexity trap

However, many SharePoint implementations get stuck at this stage. This is often due to the high complexity of SharePoint, lack of user acceptance in the affected departments or a combination of both.

There is a lot of potential in SharePoint. Properly configured and deployed, SharePoint is an extremely stable and flexible platform that, in addition to the applications described above, can also be used to map business processes at team, departmental and enterprise levels.

Get a Modern Digital Workplace with Shareflex®

Shareflex closes exactly this gap. SharePoint-based business applications can be created easily and quickly with Shareflex, without individual coding.

This significantly reduces complexity, makes user interfaces consistent and easy to use, and automates background processes. And if required, you already have a whole range of preconfigured business applications at your disposal.

In conjunction with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Content Services, this creates a modern, digital workplace with applications from a single source. As a result, SharePoint becomes a highly efficient business process platform.

What business applications are possible?

SharePoint-based business applications are digital business applications that provide information, documents, processes and workflows as well as background actions within SharePoint. In such a way that the end-user gets a simple and intuitive application.

Basically, Shareflex can be used to configure (almost) any business application for SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. Examples of such business applications are the pre-configured and standardized Shareflex Solutions for contract management, document control and invoice processing.

Shareflex also offers a wide range of interfaces for integrating business applications into ERP systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Contract Management Software

  • Online, on-premises and hybrid

  • Processes and workflows

  • Contract generation

  • ERP integration and archiving

  • Reporting

Two quality managers checking documents on a tablet.

Quality Management Software

  • Document control and management

  • Online, on-premises and hybrid

  • Management of measures

  • Processes and workflows

  • Reporting and archiving

Businessman with marker checking an incoming invoice

Invoice Processing Software

  • Online, on-premises and hybrid

  • Digital invoice processing

  • Processes and workflows

  • Additional functions and modules

  • Reporting and archiving

A block of building blocks as a symbol for Shareflex, the digital platform for business applications by Portal Systems

Business Application Platform

  • SharePoint 2016 and 2019

  • User-friendly interfaces

  • Automation of background processes

  • Workflow control

  • Permission design

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Extensions and Partner Solutions

  • Outlook integration

  • Audit-proof archiving

  • ERP and master data adjustment

  • Document and PDF generation

  • Reporting

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