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Document control software based on SharePoint and Office 365

Shareflex Quality Documents helps you to control and organise your quality management documents.

Flexible, secure and transparent.

QM Document Management – Full flexibility with Shareflex®

Shareflex Quality Documents offers you a holistic solution for document control and the management of your QM documents. And this both online and on-premises, based on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365.

The software supports your quality management and integrates seamlessly into your Integrated Management System (IMS). Thus, your QM manual can be easily integrated and controlled documents can be created workflow-based. The integration of a complaint management system already existing in your company is also easily possible.

Document control software – User-friendly and efficient

With Shareflex Quality Documents, your QM documents, data and processes can be controlled and managed safely and efficiently throughout the entire lifecycle. And the user-friendly interfaces simplify the daily work with the system even more.

Being a standard application that can be used immediately, the product is optimally tailored to your requirements. Moreover, with the help of easily configurable add-on components, you can easily customise and expand it at any time.

Get your own first-hand impression of Shareflex® Quality Documents

You can find all important information about digital document control and quality management with Shareflex Quality Documents in our webcast and the product guides.

Additionally, you can convince yourself of the possibilities of our solution in a free live demo.

And we are always happy to answer your questions in a personal conversation, too!

The most important features at a glance

QM Cockpit

Beschreibung des QM-Cockpits im Dokumentenmanagement Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Quick and clear access to relevant information from the QM portal

➁ Tree-style charts for processes, organigrams and much more

➂ Integration of process maps

➃ Personalised favourites and filters

➄ Access to central documents

➅ Latest publications of documents

Document Creation

Beschreibung der Dokumenterstellung mit dem Dokumentenmanagement Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Simple document creation based on templates

➁ Use of existing document templates

➂ Automated generation of the document number

Office Integration

Beschreibung der Office Integration des Dokumentenmanagements Shareflex Quality Documents

Function based on the Business Rules Engine (Shareflex® Rules) for automatic transfer of SharePoint meta data to:

➀ Microsoft Word

➁ Microsoft Excel

➂ Visio Documents


Beschreibung von Workflows im Dokumentenmanagement Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Standards-compliant document control

➁ Multi-level and configurable approval process

➂ Logged acknowledgement of published documents

➃ Monitoring of the validity period including resubmission of documents

➄ Automatic cumulative email notifications

➅ Substitution rules


Details zur Vergabe von Berechtigungen in Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Individual authorisations are configurable by means of a set of rules

➁ Subsequent updates using batch jobs

➂ Simple display of permissions via function button


Details zum Versand von Benachrichtigungen in Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Cumulative daily email notifications about release tasks, published documents, change requests, invalid documents, etc.

➁ Reminder feature for open release tasks at a definable interval

➂ Acknowledgement of published documents with reading confirmation

➃ Email templates can be customised and extended

➄ Intervals for e-mail dispatch freely definable

Document File and Audittrail

Details zur Dokumentenakte und dem Audittrail im Dokumentenmanagement Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Mapping of the entire “Document Life Cycle”

➁ Complete history of all versions, workflows, tasks etc. for a document

➂ History of modifications of the document


Details zur Archivierung von QM Dokumenten mit Shareflex Quality Audit

  • Complete archiving of:
    • all document versions
    • the review and approval information
    • workflow information
    • invalid and withdrawn documents
  • Optional audit-proof archiving on existing storage system
  • Long-term and platform-independent archiving through conversion to PDF/A

Process Map

Details zur Prozesslandkarte in Shareflex Quality Documents

➀ Dynamic navigation in processes and documents through a graphical process map

➁ Check and release of processes also by means of release workflow

➂ Automatic conversion of the process map

graphic shareflex quality documents webcast

The Shareflex® Quality Documents Webcast

The Shareflex Webcasts now give you the opportunity to get a first impression of our solutions without obligation. Live or on demand — presented by our Shareflex expert Patrick Carl. And of course free of charge.

Understanding processes. Finding solutions.

A large number of leading companies are already taking the path to digitisation with the Shareflex solutions by Portal Systems. Are you ready for the first step, too? Just contact us, we look forward to your questions!

A small selection of companies already managing their QM processes with Shareflex Quality Documents:

  • Fritz Egger
  • Thyssenkrupp
  • Evonik
  • Privatmolkerei Bauer

Would you like to learn more about Shareflex Quality Documents? Then make an appointment for a free online presentation straight away!

The user interface of Shareflex® Quality Documents

Get a first impression of the user-friendly interface of Shareflex Quality Documents, our SharePoint-based document control software.

Managing and controlling QM documents and processes can sometimes be very complex and it is not always easy to keep a clear picture. Therefore, we have developed an intuitive, easily understandable and clearly arranged user interface for our software.

For it is only through user acceptance that the introduction of new software in your company becomes a success. This applies to digital document management as well as to all other business applications.

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