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Microsoft Gold Partner “Collaboration and Content”

We are very proud to announce that Portal Systems was awarded Microsoft Gold Partner Collaboration and Content status in August 2018. This is a further milestone on our way to becoming the leading specialist for SharePoint-based business applications.

In the coming months, we will continue to work intensively on steadily expanding our Microsoft expertise. The focus will be on the Gold Partner status “Application Development” as well as further competencies in the cloud environment. We will keep you informed!

Quality assurance through continuous training

At Portal Systems, we place special emphasis on the training and further education of our colleagues. Education, training and certification are an important part of our corporate culture and strategy. In this way we can guarantee the consistently high quality of our products and services in the future.

Thanks to our consistent training and further education programme, we have been able to continuously expand our Microsoft competencies in recent years and months. By now, PSC Portal Systems Consulting GmbH is Microsoft Gold Partner “Collaboration and Content”, Microsoft Silver Partner “Application Development” and Microsoft Silver Partner “Datacenter”.

We will continue to pursue this path with determination in the future. In this way, we ensure that the latest technological developments find their way directly into our software solutions and thus to our customers, as well.

What does the Microsoft Gold partner status stand for?

Companies that are part of the Microsoft Partner Network can become Microsoft Certified Partners, either Silver or Gold. To qualify for this, companies and employees must meet different requirements. For example a certain number of successfully completed trainings and further education. However, the evaluation also includes particularly pronounced product knowledge and correspondingly good performance in a business area.

In principle, the award of Silver or Gold status confirms that these companies possess special competencies for the provision of quality solutions in one or more specific business areas. You can find out exactly which requirements must be met for which business area here.