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General topics

What does ECM stand for?

ECM stands for Enterprise Content Management. “Enterprise content management encompasses the technologies for capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering content and documents to support organizational processes.” Definition by the international industry association AIIM (Association for Intelligent Information Management).


Which requirements have to be met in order to use Shareflex?

Shareflex works with Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 or Office 365/SharePoint Online. Thus different scenarios are possible: on-premises, azure-based in the cloud or hybrid models.

How does my company benefit from Shareflex?

Shareflex extends your SharePoint infrastructure and makes it more user-friendly and flexible. With our ready2go business applications (Shareflex|solutions) or individual solutions based on the Shareflex|platform , you get extremely secure and efficient tools for digitizing your business processes.

What is the difference between Shareflex|platform, Shareflex|solutions, Shareflex|templates and Shareflex|add-ons?

The Shareflex|solutions are our ready2go solutions for contract, quality and audit management as well as invoice processing. Shareflex|templates are solutions for smaller applications, mostly developed in projects. These include, for example, the fleet or meeting management. Shareflex|add-ons are complementary components for our solutions, such as Outlook integration or PDF generation. All our solutions are based on Shareflex|platform, the Business Application Platform by Portal Systems. It provides the infrastructure and background processes for the software.

Is there anything Shareflex can do that SharePoint can’t?

Shareflex sensibly extends SharePoint and maximizes usability.

What programming skills are required in order to use Shareflex?

Shareflex can generally be configured without explicit coding knowledge.

Do you need your own servers to host Shareflex?

Not mandatory. You can host Shareflex on-premises on your own servers. External solutions are also possible, for example based on Microsoft Azure.

Is it necessary to purchase the Shareflex|platform separately if a Portal Systems product is already in use?

All our Shareflex|solutions are based on the Shareflex|platform. If you use one of our product solutions, the functions of Shareflex|platform are already available to you. However, in order to configure your own solutions with Shareflex, you need an additional license. We will be happy to inform you about the exact requirements and conditions in a personal conversation!

Does Shareflex also work with Office 365/SharePoint Online?

Basically: Yes! The Shareflex|platform is now fit for Office 365. And for our contract management Shareflex|contract we can already provide a fully functional solution based on Office 365/SharePoint Online. Corresponding solutions for our other ready2go business applications are under development and some initial projects are already being planned. If you are interested, please contact us, we are currently looking for further interested parties for pilot projects.

Is Shareflex also suitable for smaller companies?

Yes, provided the appropriate SharePoint infrastructure and hosting model are in place.

Which business processes can be optimized and automated with Shareflex?

Basically, all conceivable applications for business processes can be configured with Shareflex. We offer you pre-configured solutions for contract and audit management, administration and control of QM documents as well as invoice processing. We also provide project solutions for fleet, meeting and project management as well as digital personnel files. All these solutions can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of your company. And using Shareflex|platform , the list can be extended almost arbitrarily.


What is d.3ecm?

The Enterprise Content Management solution d.3ecm is a development of our partner d.velop AG.