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Rule-based workflow vs. Ad-hoc workflow

2023-02-01 – Everyone knows them, everyone needs them, everyone uses them – workflows. Whether as little helpers in everyday life or in complex business processes in daily work, workflows are used in a wide variety of places and areas.
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Why Shareflex ECM Online for Microsoft 365?

Dec 07, 2022 - Because we know there's more to your Microsoft 365! DMS and ECM with SharePoint: There are still many myths surrounding this topic. In this blog article, we'll get to the bottom of these and show you what's really possible with Microsoft 365.
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Standardised business applications based on M365 and SharePoint Online

2022-08-04 - For the implementation of many simple DMS/ECM requirements, the basic functionalities of Microsoft 365 and the "Microsoft Content Services" are completely sufficient. However, complex specialist applications cannot be built "in-house" so easily. This is where Shareflex comes in.
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Saving time and money during Lotus Notes migration

2021-05-06 - A Lotus Notes migration is typically a one-off and quite costly affair. To save time and costs, the choice of approach and target platform is crucial. One approach that has already proven itself in many projects is the Notes Domino Decommissioning Method (NDDM).